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WAMP Features Configuration Reference


wamp.uri.strictness  :: loose|strict
Default = looseSince v0.9.0

Call Timeout

wamp.call_timeout  :: duration_time_units
Default = 30sSince v0.1.0

The default timeout for WAMP (RPC) Calls when the CALL.Options.timeout property is not used. This value will be restricted by the wamp.max_call_timeout property.

wamp.max_call_timeout  :: duration_time_units
Default = 10mSince v0.1.0

The maximum timeout value for WAMP (RPC) Calls for the CALL.Options. timeout or the wamp.call_timeout default.

No infinite timeout support

According to WAMP, an unspecified timeout or a value of 0 disables the feature, but we disagree, there should be no such thing as "infinite timeouts". Set it to 24 hours, a week or even a year if you want.

Message Retention

wamp.message_retention.default_ttl  :: time_duration_units
Default = 0Since v0.9.0
wamp.message_retention.enabled  :: on|off
Default = onSince v0.9.0
wamp.message_retention.max_memory  :: byte_size_units
Default = 1GBSince v0.9.0
wamp.message_retention.max_message_size  :: byte_size_units
Default = 64KBSince v0.9.0
wamp.message_retention.max_messages  :: integer
Default = 1000000Since v0.9.0
wamp.message_retention.storage_type  :: ram|disk|ram_disk
Default = ramSince v0.9.0

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