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Node Configuration Reference

Configure the nodename, platform paths and Erlang VM parameters.

Node Identity

A distributed Bondy system consists of a number of Bondy router instances communicating with each other. Each such instance is called a node and must be given a name.

nodename  :: string
Default = 'bondy@'Since v0.1.0

Name of the Bondy node.

The format of the nodename is a string name@host:

  • name is the name given by the user, while
  • host is the full host name.

The nodename is the node unique identifier within a cluster and thus each nodename must be unique.


Use environment variable BONDY_ERL_NODENAME instead

This is the Distributed Erlang magic cookie. Bondy doesn't actually use distributed Erlang for clustering, so this is not required for deploying a cluster.

However, if you want to connect to Bondy via an Erlang remote shell—e.g. by executing bondy remote_console on the host, VM or container running Bondy—we will need this option to be set.


We recommend changing this value a secret value to prevent unauthorised users to gain access to Bondy's underlying Erlang VM.


Use environment variable BONDY_ERL_DISTRIBUTED_COOKIE instead


platform_data_dir  :: path
Default = './data'Since v0.1.0


Use environment variable BONDY_DATA_DIR instead

platform_etc_dir  :: path
Default = './etc'Since v0.1.0


Use environment variable BONDY_DATA_ETC instead

platform_log_dir  :: path
Default = './log'Since v0.1.0


Use environment variable BONDY_DATA_LOG instead

platform_tmp_dir  :: path
Default = './tmp'Since v0.1.0


Use environment variable BONDY_DATA_TMP instead

Erlang Virtual Machine

The following are advanced params and require knowledge of the Erlang VM. Read more at:

erlang.async_threads  :: 0..1024
Default = 64Since v0.1.0

Sets the number of threads in async thread pool. If thread support is available, the default is 64.

erlang.k  :: string
Default = N/ASince N/A
erlang.max_ports  :: 1024..134217727
Default = 65536Since v0.1.0

The number of concurrent ports/sockets.

erlang.sbwt  :: string
Default = N/ASince N/A
erlang.schedulers.compaction_of_load  :: string
Default = N/ASince N/A  :: string
Default = N/ASince N/A  :: string
Default = N/ASince N/A
erlang.schedulers.utilization_balancing  :: string
Default = N/ASince N/A
erlang.smp  :: string
Default = N/ASince N/A


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