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Active Anti-entropy Configuration Reference

Periodically, each Bondy node will choose a random cluster peer and perform an exchange comparing their replicated data, synchronising any missing data and/or repairing conflicting data. This is done efficiently by using Merkle trees (a.k.a hashtrees) that are stored on disk.

aae.enabled  :: on|off
Default = onSince v0.8.8

Controls whether the active anti-entropy subsystem is enabled.

aae.exchange_on_cluster_join  :: on|off
Default = onSince N/A
aae.data_exchange_timeout  :: time_duration_units()
Default = 1mSince N/A
aae.exchange_timer  :: time_duration_units()
Default = 1mSince v0.8.8

Controls when will the AAE system will trigger the next AAE exchange.

aae.hashtree_timer  :: time_duration_units()
Default = 10sSince v0.8.8
aae.hashtree_ttl  :: time_duration_units()
Default = 1wSince v0.8.8

Controls how often the AAE hashtrees (on-disk merkle trees) are re-build.


Not working at the moment. Currently hashtrees are always rebuild during startup. In next releases we will enable this feature.

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