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Kafka Bridge Configuration Reference

broker_bridge.config_file  :: path
Default = '/platform_etc_dir/broker_bridge_config.json'Since v0.8.8

The configuration filename for the Broker Bridge. Read the Broker Bridge Settings section on the specification file format.

broker_bridge.kafka.enabled  :: on|off
Default = offSince v0.8.8

Enables or disables the Kafka Broker Bridge

broker_bridge.kafka.clients.$name.allow_topic_auto_creation  :: on|off
Default = onSince v0.8.8

By default, the Kafka client respects what is configured in the broker about topic auto-creation. i.e. whether auto.create.topics.enable is set in the broker configuration. However, if this parameter is set to false, the client will avoid sending metadata requests that may cause an auto-creation of the topic regardless of what the broker config is.

broker_bridge.kafka.clients.$name.endpoints  :: list(string)
Default = See belowSince v0.8.8

The Kafka Broker endpoints e.g. [{"",9092}]

broker_bridge.kafka.clients.$name.max_metadata_sock_retry  :: integer
Default = 5Since v0.8.8
broker_bridge.kafka.clients.$name.producer.partition_restart_delay_seconds  :: time_duration_units
Default = 10sSince v0.8.8
broker_bridge.kafka.clients.$name.producer.required_acks  :: integer
Default = 1Since v0.8.8

How many acknowledgements the Kafka broker should receive from the clustered replicas before acknowledging producer.

  • 0 - the broker will not send any response (this is the only case where the broker will not reply to a request)
  • 1 - The leader will wait the data is written to the local log before sending a response
  • -1 - The broker will block until the message is committed by all in sync replicas before acknowledging
broker_bridge.kafka.clients.$name.producer.topic_restart_delay_seconds  :: time_duration_units
Default = 10sSince v0.8.8
broker_bridge.kafka.clients.$name.reconnect_cool_down_seconds  :: time_duration_units
Default = 10sSince v0.8.8

Delay this configured number of seconds before retrying toestabilish a new connection to the kafka partition leader.

broker_bridge.kafka.clients.$name.restart_delay_seconds  :: time_duration_units
Default = 10sSince v0.8.8

How long to wait between attempts to restart the Kafka client process when it crashes.

broker_bridge.kafka.clients.$name.socket.recbuf  :: bytesize
Default = -Since v0.8.8
broker_bridge.kafka.clients.$name.socket.sndbuf  :: bytesize
Default = -Since v0.8.8
broker_bridge.kafka.topics.$name  :: string
Default = -Since v0.8.8

A mapping of Clients to Kafka topics. This mapping is used by the JSON broker_bridge.config_file which defines the subscribers for each bridge.

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