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Bondy HTTP API Gateway is a reverse proxy that lets you manage, configure, and route incoming HTTP requests to your WAMP APIs or to external HTTP/REST APIs. It allows Bondy to be easily integrated into an existing HTTP/REST API ecosystem.


Bondy API Gateway is mainly used to expose a WAMP API via an HTTP/REST API. However, it can also target external HTTP/REST APIs i.e. acting as a traditional HTTP API Gateway.

Bondy API Gateway can host one or more HTTP/REST APIs where each API can only be associated with a single Realm.

Defining an HTTP/REST API

Each API is defined using an API Gateway Specification document, a JSON data structure that declaratively defines how Bondy should handle each HTTP Request e.g. convert into a WAMP operation or forward it to an external HTTP/REST API. This includes capabilities for data transformation.

API Gateway Specification declarations make use of a logic-less domain-specific language expressions (internally called "mops") for data transformation and dynamic configuration.

Loading and managing HTTP/REST APIs

You can load, inspect and delete API Specifications using the Admin HTTP API.

Cluster deployments

APIs are replicated, synchronised and activated across the cluster automatically, so that each node serves all the defined APIs.

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